Easter 2014 became available on April 20th, 2014 and served as a successor to Easter (2013) with both the original basket available to new users and new eggs.

For new users various items appear around the site which are generated after a certain amount of time. A basket is unlocked for customization after obtaining the first 5 items. The first of these items needed to unlock the event is obtained simply by visiting the site after the event was announced.

Plastic eggs randomly appeared after a certain amount of time in place of basket eggs and contained random items inside.

Easter 2014 Badge

Regular Contributors
Easter 2013 user Easter 2013 contributor

This badge was given to attendees of the event who recieved the first 5 items and unlocked basket customization. This badge was the same one given in 2013.


These cards appear on your page and represent items collected. They are generated after a certain amount of time. The cards were designed by Nite_Spriter, Rhynn, Metal_Beak and Corteo.

Easter Grass Plushie Golden Egg
Card1 Card2 Card3
Ribbon Wicker String Five items collected
Card4 Card5 Finalcard
Plastic Egg Decorative Egg
Card egg Card egg2

Items to Unlock

Five different items are originally needed to unlock the basket customization ability. They were made by Nite_Spriter and Rhynn.

Easter Grass Plushie Golden Egg Ribbon Wicker String
Easter grass green Nemesis plush male Goldenegg zpse8a2dfb0 Ribbons zps5e3b2be8 Wicker zps30d1fd66

Collectible Items

Plastic Eggs

Plastic eggs usually contain items when opened though some are empty. They can contain anything from 5-93 Dragon coins new, alt potions or food. Some event specific items such as Clover Elixirs can also be found rarely. Plastic eggs are dropped at random intervals, not related to the main drop in the lair. The eggs were designed by Birdzareboomin.

EasterEggRedEasterEggRedOpen EasterEggRedorangeEasterEggRedOrangeOpen EasterEggOrangeEasterEggOrangeOpen EasterEggYellowEasterEggYellowOpen EasterEggGreenEasterEggGreenOpen EasterEggDarkGreenEasterEggDarkGreenOpen EasterEggLightBlueEasterEggLightBlueOpen EasterEggBlueEasterEggBlueOpen EasterEggPurpleEasterEggPurpleOpen EasterEggPinkishPurpleEasterEggPinkishPurpleOpen
Plastic eggs

Plastic eggs being opened.


These are Easter items which drop once every half hour alongside a plastic egg. Collected eggs can be viewed by click ing the "View my egg collection" option on the Easter basket page, and can be placed in the Easter Basket by opening the pulldown menu on the Easter page and clicking the picture of the egg that you want to put into the nest.

To be completed

Theme: Musical notes
Aislein egg
Themes: Random

Lava egg 10cee9b65f11ece7ebdf7465209df83adLava egg 2

Themes: Chocolate eggs, Rainbows
Dark chocolate 1Dark chocolate 2Chocolate 1Chocolate 2White Chocolate 1White Chocolate 2Rainbow egg
Themes: Spring Scene, Tentacles
Spring eggTentacle egg
Themes: Kitten, Winter
Redkitten eggWinter egg
Themes: Stripes, Spots, Generic colors
Spot egg 1Spot egg 2Spot egg 3Stripe egg 1Stripe egg 2Stripe egg 3Stripe egg 4Stripe egg 5Stripe egg 6Generic egg 1Generic egg 2Generic egg 3Generic egg 4Generic egg 5
Themes: Attack on Titan, Ditto
SNK egg Trainee Corps aSNK egg Military PoliceSNK egg GarrisonSNK egg Survey CorpsDitto egg
Themes: Sailor Moon, Majora's Mask, Zelda, Fullmetal Alchemist, Frozen
Sailor 1Sailor 2Sailor 3Sailor 4Sailor 5Sailor 6Sailor 7Sailor 8Sailor 9Sailor 10Majora EggZelda eggPattern 1Pattern 2Pattern 3Frozen EggSailor Egg
Themes: Chicken
Chick egg

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