The Halloween 2013 event consisted of the site's first Quest. Once the quest was finished there was an option choose Trick or Treat. Trick gave 8 Deatheater eggs while choosing Treat gave 8 Honey Maize eggs. Both breeds as well as Corpse dragon were available to breed for a few days. Due to an unintended difficulty with the site which put it down for a few days, no costumes were given for dragons.

Graveyard Quest

The Graveyard Quest was a Quest that revolved around a graveyard setting. To complete the quest 3 signets had to be located and inserted into a pumpkin pedestal which revealed the prize. No major characters appeared in this quest, but side characters included three gargoyles and three different-coloured nightmares, horses with fiery manes.

Halloween 2013 Badge


This badge was given to users who completed the Halloween (2013) quest. It was added on February 28th, 2014 as a means to access the claim page for the quest dragons.


Two dragons were available during the quest, though no dragons were dropped in the lair. Both the Deatheater Dragon and the Honey Maize Dragon were available.

Deatheater Dragon

Series Egg Hatchling Mature
Male TrickEgg TrickHatch TrickHatchM
Female TrickHatchF

Honey Maize Dragon

Series Egg Hatchling Mature
Male TreatEgg TreatHatch TreatHatchM Honey Maize M
Female TreatHatchF Honey Maize F

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