This was the first holiday celebrated on Tale of Dragons, bringing about the site's first event.

The event ran from July 1st to July 6th, where a special banner featuring an alted Canvas Glider was placed on the main site. The alt form depicted in this banner became obtainable through the purchase of a limited edition potion. It is rumored that the potions will be available again next year.

The alt potion, priced at 1776, the year America declared its independence, painted the Canvas Gliders like American Flags. Users who logged in on the 4th were given a single, free potion.

Canvas american alt potion

Canvas male americanCanvas fem american

The Canvas Glider's spriter, Raistardragon, has an Alt that is also painted in the colors of the American flag. She had designed both for the event, but was unsure which to use, and ended up taking the second alt as her special Spriter-only Alt.


Although Raistardragon designed the Canvas Gliders and their alternate forms, she collaborated with Hawaiianbabidoll to create the banner, with Hawaiianbabidoll drawing the dragon itself and Raistardragon creating the background.