Pallette artKristhasirah
Dragons in-lair: 8

Kristhasirah is a Tale of Dragons artist. She is also known as Wicked.

She's made a few dragon breed for Tale of Dragons, but is better known for her many breeds on SilvAdopts. Many of those breeds are being brought to Tale of Dragons in rememberence of SilvAdopts.

In-Lair Work

Aqua Dragon Rainbow Silvfox Spring Silvfox Eventide Silvfox Summer Silvfox
010892345c36a7f4748f5f32db87e3de Rainbow Silvfox male Spring Silvfox male Eventide Silvfox male Summer silvfox male
Twilight Silvfox Silvdragons Winter silvfox
Twilight silvfox male night Silvdragon adult male Winterfox adult male

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