A quest is a minigame that accompanies some events on the site. The first quest was the Graveyard Quest for Halloween in 2013. A quest generally consists of a basic storyline with a goal which must be completed. To achieve this goal other subgoals need to be met, often consisting of finding items and solving riddles.

Graveyard Quest

Main article: Graveyard Quest

The Graveyard Quest was a short quest and the first introduced. It was a Halloween quest that rewarded either Deatheater Dragons or Honey Maize Dragons depending on a decision near the end of the game.

Secret of the El'durath (Winter 2013)

Main article: Secret of the El'durath (Quest)

The Secret of the El'durath Quest was a quest released on 7th December, 2013 in preparation for the coming winter. This quest was much longer than the previous quest and consisted of 3 sections.

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