Mr sercath

A quite smashing portrait of Mr. Sercath in his finest.

 Reginald M. Sercath is the Head of the Regional Draconic Organization and responsible for the discovery of various dragons. He sometimes travels in the company of a most esteemed Mr. Jones. He has not been heard from since early 2013 and his current whereabouts are unknown. In early 2014 he made a return.

He currently lives in Lincolnston, Tath at the address 2443 Whipler Road. His birthday is on August 26th. His mother is Sessali K. Sercath, whose presence was first noted during St. Patrick's Day (2013).


Reginald is quite infamous for his convenient discoveries of new dragons. He started his career as the Head of the RDO in January, with his first report on the 28th January 2013. Mr. Sercath also provides monthly donations for the PCRD (People for the Collecting Rights of Dragons).

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