The "Search" function was added on 2/24/2013. It is a feature that allows a user to send their Space Trio (the Galaxy Diver Lindwyrm, Starweaver Dragon, and Comet Breaker Amphithere) out to search for items or an egg. After 30 items have been collected any further items will be duplicates. 

One can use this feature by visiting their dragon's Action page and choosing "Send on a search". The cooldown time varies, depending on how many sets of Space Trio dragons a user owns. Each set of the dragons reduces the cooldown time by 1 day until you reach the minimum wait of 2 days.

With this new feature came the release of the Supernova Dragon, a dragon only available through Search.

Dragon Search Badge

Regular Filled Full
Dragon search badge Chestopen1 Chest badge full

This Badge is given as soon as you use the Search action and successfully recieve your first item. Upon obtaining 15 items the badge changes to the filled sprite. At 30 it changes to the full sprite.

"Search" Items

Most of the time, a user's dragons will bring back items to collect. These items can be viewed by clicking on the Treasure Chest icon inside of the user's Badge Book. There are 30 in total.

Item name Item image
Dragon Scales Search item green scaleSearch item scaleSearch item yellow scaleSearch item purple scaleSearch item orange scale
Pearls/Bubbles Search item purpleredblueSearch item blueSearch item redSearch item orangeSearch item green
Compass Search item compass
Ancient Book Search item book
Knight's Helmet Helm
Armour Search item iron chestplagte
Marbles Search item blue jupiterSearch item EARTHSearch item jupiter
Crystals Search item blue crystalSearch item green crystalSearch item red crystal
Goblet Search item goblet
Dragon Skull Search item skull
Scroll Search item scroll
Bow Search item bow
Dust (Bronze/Silver/Gold) Search item bronze dustSearch item silver dust

Search item golden dust

Metal Beads 9344e461c8030530daff7eedd9e597d4Search item silver

Search item gold thing

"Search" Dragon: The Supernova Dragon

The Supernova Dragon is an extremely rare dragon that can only be found by using the "Search" function. There is a very slim chance of a user's dragons to bring this egg back with them from a Search.

Gender Egg Hatchling M. Hatchling Adult
Supernova Dragon Egg

Artists: birdzareboomin, Corteo